Standard Mirrors with Integrated Light


  • High quality mirror with integrated LED light.
  • Choose from standard sizes that usually ship within a few business days.
  • Complete mirror, with wall mounts. Ready to hang on the wall and use. (installation usually takes less than 1 hour)
  • Patent pending light technology.
  • Thin Profile Only 0.6” deep! (compare to others with 2 inches or more). The mirror will hang very close to the wall.
  • Very good light efficiency. The mirror gives very bright light and eliminates shadows.
  • Choose between cool and warm light color.
  • Bathroom Safe 12 volt, energy saving LED light. (power supply is included)
  • Bright Crystal glass with True Reflect mirror coating.
  • Non-corrosive glass.
  • 12 months warranty.
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Our most popular lighted mirror! This mirror is setting new industry standards by having an amazing 0.6” deep profile. With integrated light banners, you will have a prefect mirror with the light integrated behind the glass. No maintenance, very easy to clean, this mirror is a very good solutions for most bathroom. And because we can make the exactly to the size you need, the Grand Mirrors’ mirror and integrated light will be the center point of your bathroom.

The built-in LED light bars are powered by 12 volts making this mirror safe to use in every bathroom. The mirror comes complete with a wall mount and constructions and is ready to use.

Mirror with Integrated Light presents beautiful, crisp, clean ribbons of light placed within the mirror itself. A silky frosted glow illuminates from under the mirror glass surface where the light is located. This gorgeous mirrors’ surface is smooth and easy to clean; one cannot “feel” the light when touching it. We have many layouts to choose from so that the light bars are located in a position most suitable for your space.

Additional information

Choose Size

30"(L) x 30"(H), 30"(L) x 40"(H), 50"(L) x 30"(H), 50"(L) x 40"(H), 60"(L) x 30"(H), 60"(L) x 40"(H), 60"(L) x 50"(H), 70"(L) x 40"(H), 70"(L) x 50"(H), 80"(L) x 40"(H), 80"(L) x 50"(H), 90"(L) x 50"(H), 90"(L) x 60"(H), 100"(L) x 50"(H), 100"(L) x 60"(H), 100"(L) x 70"(H), 110"(L) x 50"(H), 110"(L) x 60"(H), 110"(L) x 70"(H)

Choose Light Strips Lay Out

Model A (2 Vertical Strips), Model B (2 Horizontal Strips), Model C (4 Strips All Around), Model D (3 Vertical Strips)

Choose LED Light Color

Cool (6000K), Warm (3000K)

Specifications and Manuals

Operating Powerwrite value
Power Supply100-120V power supply. (included)
Length Power Supply Cable6'. Can be extended.
Power Consumption6 Watt per foot.
On/Off ButtonNo. You can add a dimmer. Usually this type of mirror is hardwired and is controlled the main switch of the bathroom.
Lifetime LED Light50,000 hours
Warranty12 months
Whats in the Package1 mirror, 1 wall mount set (complete to hang on the wall), 1 x power supply.