Standard Hollywood Mirrors


Feel like a movie star with our Hollywood Mirrors. The mirror that give a perfect bright light!

  • High quality Hollywood Mirror.
  • Choose from standard sizes that usually ship within a few business day.
  • Only Grand Mirrors uses 3 Watt LED light bulbs that run on 12 Volt (compare that to traditional 40 Watt bulbs on 110 Volt)
  • Complete mirror, with wall mounts. Ready to hang on the wall and use. (installation usually takes less than 1 hour)
  • Distance back side mirror and wall is 1.3”
  • Choose between cool and warm light color and from different bulb styles.
  • Bathroom Safe 12 volt, energy saving LED light. (power supply is included)
  • Bright Crystal glass with True Reflect mirror coating.
  • Non-corrosive glass.
  • 12 months warranty.
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Everyone deserves to feel like a Hollywood star getting ready for a show, and you can feel that way every day with this beautiful Hollywood mirror. With bulb lights around its frame, this mirror is sure to make anyone feel glamorous. It comes in many different shapes and sizes, or we can create the perfect size for you.

The mirror is 12 volts and it includes the necessary power supply. Use it anywhere safely, even in the bathroom. We include the mounting strips, so as soon as you receive it you can hang it and start enjoying it. You can also add a dimmer to it so that the brightness of the lights can be controlled.

Select the bulb that you enjoy the most – frosted, transparent, warm or cool color. This mirror is made from glass of the highest quality, with an excellent reflection and it will not corrode. You can use it in your home or hang it in your salon to make your clients feel like they’re the star.

Additional information

Choose Mirror Shape and Size

Square 30"(L) x 30"(H), Square 40"(L) x 40"(H), Square 50"(L) x 50"(H), Rectangular 30"(L) x 40"(H), Rectangular 50"(L) x 30"(H), Rectangular 60"(L) x 30"(H), Rectangular 60"(L) x 40"(H), Rectangular 70"(L) x 40"(H), Rectangular 70"(L) x 50"(H), Rectangular 80"(L) x 40"(H), Rectangular 90"(L) x 50"(H), Rectangular 40"(L) x 50"(H), Rectangular 90"(L) x 60"(H), Rectangular 40"(L) x 30"(H)

Choose Bulb Style

B110C Transparent Cool (6000K), B110W Transparent Warm (3000K), B120C Frosted Cool (6000K), B120W Frosted Warm (3000K)

Choose Bulb Ring Color

White Ring Color, Silver Ring Color, Gold Ring Color

Specifications and Manuals

12 Volt DC
Power Supply100-240 V power supply
Length Power
Supply Cable
6', can be extended
3 Watt per bulb. Total wattage depends on the size fo the mirror
On/Off ButtonNo. Optionally dimmer available. Mirror can be hard wired as well.
LED Light
Customer can select
Lifetime LED Light50,000 hours
Warranty12 months
Whats in the
1 mirror, bulbs, 1 power supply, wall mounts. Complete to hang the mirror on the wall.