Standard Backlit Mirrors


  • High quality Backlit mirror
  • Choose from standard sizes that usually ship within a few business days.
  • Comes complete with wall mount, wireless remote control.
  • Easy to install. Usually takes less than one hour to install.
  • Bathroom Safe 12 volt, energy saving LED light. (power supply is included)
  • Choose from Warm, Cool, or adjustable Multi-Color light.
  • Fully controllable from your smart phone (iOS and Android).
  • Distance between back of the mirror and the wall is 1.3”
  • Bright Crystal glass with True Reflect mirror coating.
  • Non-corrosive glass.
  • 12 months warranty.
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You can add an extra dimension to your mirror. Our mirror with back light has small light strips that will stick on the back of the mirror. It comes with a remote control that allows you to adjust the light to any color you like as well as set the brightness you want. Additionally, you can download an app from your iPhone, iPad or Android phone and control the lights from your smartphone.

The light strips have an adhesive layer on the back, making them adhere easily to the back of your mirror. Ideally, your mirror should be positioned 1-2 inches (2.5 – 5 cm) from the wall to have the best effect. We also offer a wall mount strip to hang a mirror against the wall giving you the gradient of light for your back light.

The length is endless, but the aluminum strips have a maximum length of 10’ (300cm) that can be connected to each other.

Specifications and Manuals

Operating Power12 Volt DC
Power Supply100-240 Volt power supply included
Length Power Supply Cable6" can be extended
Power Consumption10 Watt per foot
On/Off ButtonThe light comes with a wireless controller and you can easily change the brightness and the colors. There is also an App available so that you have full control through your smartphone or tablet.
LED Light ColorCan be set by the customer. Almost every color can be set.
Lifetime LED Light50,000 hours
Warranty12 months
Wall MountStandard wall mount recommended so that the mirror is approximately 1.3" from the wall. This way the light can spread out well.
Whats in the Package1 mirror, remote controller, manual with APP download instructions, 1 power supply.