Hollywood Baroque Mirror


  • LED light bulb. Only 2-3 watts per bulb.
  • Bathroom safe 12 volt, energy saving LED light.
  • Plastic Frame.
  • Bright crystal glass with true reflect mirror coating.
  • Complete mirror, with wall mounts.
  • Ready to hang on the wall and use.
  • 12 months warranty. Bulbs are excluded from any warranty.

Orders for this product usually ship within 8-10 business days.

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Available in different colors: Gold, Old Silver, Glossy Blue, Glossy Pink, Glossy Red, Glossy White, Glossy Black

Giving modern day enthusiasts a dramatic edge, the Hollywood Baroque brings you reminiscent of the vintage era with a fashion twist. Hints of these design elements are seen displayed at many of Hollywood’s most exclusive events and of earth’s historic architecture alike. Our Hollywood Baroque Mirror expresses artistic style without boundaries. Not only does this mirror show clear detail within the frames structure; it will add faultless glow to any space! Choose from black, white, red, pink, blue, old gold or old silver for the finish of the frame portion of your baroque mirror. The Hollywood Baroque Mirror is virtually maintenance free using the highest quality materials and energy efficient LED lighting technology. The bulbs emit no harmful UV/IR radiation or mercury making them the safest on the market.

The Hollywood Baroque Mirror is highly sought over by many. This opulent trend conveys a dramatic effect and will impress even the most skeptical critics. Ignite a boastful glow with impeccable tailored design of old world triumph by ordering your very own Hollywood Baroque Lighted Mirror!