• Low voltage defogger
  • Available in different sizes
  • We will pre-install the defogger on your mirror
  • Suitable for all our mirrors.
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Surround yourself with true convenience by adding our optional Defoggers. Our most popular addition keeps your mirror crystal clear by warming the mirror glass on the back surface. The pads are placed in your desired position and heat up approximately 15 degrees higher than that of the environment, making the fog on your mirror disappear in seconds! With safety in mind, our Defoggers are powered by 12VDC with power supply is included. Several shape and sizes are available to choose from. Add a Defogger to your mirror and never lose a minute during those hectic mornings!

Additional information

Choose the defogger size and shape

DF-100 (16 x 12"), DF-200 (24 x 16"), DF-300 (20")